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Looking for a luxury mobile dog grooming service near me?

DOGMASTERS is a professional mobile dog grooming service which offers unparalleled services right at your doorstep!

Our mobile per groomers are passionate about providing the best care for your doggy babies. Serving the local community with pride, we provide a stress-free, convenient, and luxurious experience for both pet owners and their furry friends.

We're proud to have many pawsome customers based in and around Twickenham, Richmond, St Margaret’s, Whitton, The Hamptons, Teddington, Kingston upon Thames, Sunbury, Hanworth, Feltham, Hounslow nearby areas of London.

Our highly-trained professionals are passionate about what they do, ensuring each pup receives the personalized care and attention they deserve. Say goodbye to the hassle of driving to the salon and waiting for your pet.

With DOGMASTERS, premium care comes to you, ensuring your pet looks and feels their best without stepping a paw out of your home.

Why choose DOGMASTERS?

You wouldn’t choose a substandard Vet, Vet Nurse, or Vet Clinic, so why compromise with a substandard mobile dog grooming stylist? DOGMASTERS is your premier dog grooming service.

We deliver your precious doggy babies the most luxurious, mobile dog grooming experience, with different levels of affordable pet grooming services tailored to each individual.

You can book a free consultation, where we will provide you with a tailor made or off the peg mobile dog grooming plan just for you.

DOGMASTERS provide the best environment to introduce your baby to their ‘first puppy grooming experience’ and it also includes the benefit of being right outside their own front door!

We don’t just provide you with a “dog haircut” or “dog shampooing service.”

Your baby will receive the very best care, love, and attention during their groom with us. We use the very best Shampoo and conditioning products on the market (which we actually use on our own dogs at home.)

Our continued quest for grooming excellence is not only mirrored in our high-end and bespoke grooming van and equipment, but also in our experienced hands and scissoring techniques.

DOGMASTERS dog wash shampoos and dog shampooing - we offer a range of shampoos from Hypoallergenic shampoos ‘for our sensitive souls’ to Luxury dog Shampoos ‘for the pampered pooch’ and our Super Strength ‘odour and dirt’ removing shampoos, for that little ‘mud magnet’ in your life!

Grooming Prices

See the DOGMASTERS mobile dog grooming prices for more information about our dog grooming packages and extras and find out what your baby will experience during their treatment. Tailored and bespoke grooms may vary from the prices shown.

DOGMASTERS also offer stand-alone treatments; weather it’s just clipping your dog’s nails, expressing anal glands or tick removal.

To qualify for our grooming services, all we need is a space outside of your property and to be able to plug into your electric then we do the rest! If parking is a problem, or we are unable to plug into your electricity supply then we do have a back-up generator that we can use. Please note that there will be an additional charge of £10 if the generator has to be used to cover petrol costs.

If you prefer your baby not to receive treats, kisses and cuddles throughout their grooming experience, then please let us know upon our arrival!!




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Looking for a professional dog groomer near me?

We operate in Whitton, Twickenham, Richmond, St Margaret’s, The Hamptons, Teddington, Kingston upon Thames, Sunbury, Hanworth, Feltham, Hounslow and surrounding areas.